Sustainable HEP

from Monday, June 28, 2021 (9:00 AM) to Wednesday, June 30, 2021 (7:00 PM)
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Jun 28, 2021
Jun 29, 2021
Jun 30, 2021
11:00 AM
Suggested Time for Discussions (until 12:00 PM) (ONLINE only)
7:00 AM
Suggested Time for Discussions (until 8:00 AM) ()
3:00 PM
Welcome (until 3:25 PM) (ONLINE only)
3:00 PM Opening Remarks - Astrid Eichhorn (CP3-Origins, University of Southern Denmark)   (ONLINE only)
3:10 PM Workshop Introduction - Niklas Beisert (ETH Zürich)   (ONLINE only)
3:25 PM
Impulse Talk (until 4:10 PM) (ONLINE only)
3:25 PM Environmentally Sound, Socially Just, Academic Conferences - Ken Hiltner (University of California, Santa Barbara)   (ONLINE only)
4:10 PM
Input and Discussion (until 5:10 PM) (ONLINE only)
4:10 PM Lessons learned from organizing online events - Rogerio Rosenfeld (State University of Sao Paulo)   (ONLINE only)
4:20 PM Reconnect - Michael Spannowsky (IPPP Durham)   (ONLINE only)
4:30 PM The Online Neutrino 2020 Conference - Steve Brice   (ONLINE only)
4:40 PM Can we do a better job communicating our research to each other? - Shaun Hotchkiss (Auckland University)   (ONLINE only)
4:50 PM A retrospective on and lessons learned from ESO’s first e-conference, #H02020 - Sherry Suyu Richard Anderson (EPFL - EPF Lausanne) Antoine Mérand (European Southern Observatory)   (ONLINE only)
5:00 PM Worldwide virtual conferences with local physical hubs - Rachel Grange (ETH Zurich)   (ONLINE only)
5:10 PM --- Coffee break ---
5:30 PM
Panel Discussion - Valerie Domcke (CERN) Niklas Beisert (ETH Zürich) (until 6:30 PM) (ONLINE only)
5:30 PM Panel discussion: The Challenge for Institutions - Guenther Dissertori (ETH Zurich (CH)) Jan Louis (University of Hamburg) Paul Lickiss (Imperial College London) Robert Myers (Perimeter Institute) Sonja Kleiner (CERN)   (ONLINE only)
6:30 PM
Open Forum (until 7:00 PM) (Breakout Rooms)
3:00 PM
Impulse Talk (until 3:50 PM) (ONLINE only)
3:00 PM Mobility, Inclusion and Academia - Ambreena Manji (Cardiff University) Alice Gathoni (British Institute in Eastern Africa)   (ONLINE only)
3:50 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:00 PM
Flash Talk (until 5:00 PM) ()
4:00 PM A Solar Bridge for Research Infrastructures - Prof. Michael Johannes Dueren (Justus-Liebig-Universitaet Giessen (DE))   ()
4:00 PM A solar powered CERN - Patrick Koppenburg (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL))   ()
4:00 PM A year on zoom: making use of the unique opportunity - Dr Aaron Held (Imperial College London)   ()
4:00 PM ATLAS Open Data and the mission of developing educational resources that run "everywhere" - Arturo Sanchez Pineda (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))   ()
4:00 PM Connecting Scientists in a more Remote World - Karolos Potamianos (University of Oxford (GB))   ()
4:00 PM Discussions on Diversity -- an academic approach - Dr Ayan Paul (DESY, Hamburg and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin)   ()
4:00 PM Feedback on GatherTown: a tool to make virual conferences more convivial - Samuel Calvet (Université Clermont Auvergne (FR))   ()
4:00 PM Is sustainable HEP possible? The answer’s probably no. - Emma McKay Hannah Wakeling   ()
4:00 PM Paradigm shift or minor adjustments? A short overview of scientific meetings in the post-pandemic era - Ms Nikolina Šarčević (Newcastle University)   ()
4:00 PM Quantum Gravity Across Approaches - A virtual seminar series - Dr Lisa Glaser   ()
4:00 PM Reducing travel with online events: RemotelyGreen - Benjamin Krikler (University of Bristol (GB))   ()
4:00 PM Reducing travel: The need to go online and how to deal with this - Kristin Lohwasser (University of Sheffield (GB))   ()
4:00 PM Remote teaching and collaboration using MathPump and SVGServer - Andrey Mikhaylov (IFT UNESP)   ()
4:00 PM Science and activism - Tomas Kasemets (JGU Mainz)   ()
4:00 PM Software Training and Sustainable HEP - Sudhir Malik (University of Puerto Rico (PR))   ()
4:00 PM The lawphysics initiative as a tool to communicate research in physics - Roberto Lineros (Universidad Católica del Norte)   ()
4:00 PM The remote monitor and control systems of the PADME experiment at the DAΦNE BTF - Emanuele Leonardi (INFN, Sezione di Roma, Italy)   ()
4:00 PM The Strategies for higher Sustainable future in HEP - Tinku Sarkar - Sinha (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (IN))   ()
4:00 PM Towards constructing interactive virtual spaces - Cem Eröncel (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY)   ()
4:00 PM What is a conference? - Ms Rasa Muller (Nikhef)   ()
4:00 PM Working Online and Offline: A Vision of Diversity - Sebastian Zell (EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (CH))   ()
5:00 PM --- Coffee break ---
5:20 PM
Panel Discussion - Astrid Eichhorn (CP3 Odense) Kai Schmitz (CERN) (until 6:20 PM) (ONLINE only)
5:20 PM Panel discussion: Social-Justice Dimension of Online Formats - Clifford Johnson (University of Southern California) Fernando Quevedo (University of Cambridge) Prince Osei (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Quantum Leap) Sumati Surya (Raman Research Institute)   (ONLINE only)
6:20 PM
Open Forum (until 7:00 PM) (Breakout Rooms)
9:30 PM
Suggested Time for Discussions (until 10:30 PM) ()
3:00 PM
Impulse Talk (until 3:45 PM) (ONLINE only)
3:00 PM Energy Efficiency of Accelerator-Driven Research Infrastructures - Mike Seidel (PSI/EPFL)   (ONLINE only)
3:45 PM
Impulse Talk (until 4:30 PM) (ONLINE only)
3:45 PM Assessing the CO2 footprint on an institute level - more sustainable science practice by cutting emissions in computing and flying - Jan Rybizki (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy )   (ONLINE only)
4:30 PM
Input and Discussion (until 5:30 PM) (ONLINE only)
4:30 PM Improving environmental sustainability in science - Valerie Lang (Albert Ludwigs Universitaet Freiburg (DE))   (ONLINE only)
4:40 PM Energy Recovery Linacs and sustainability - Olga Tanaka (KEK)   (ONLINE only)
4:50 PM The environmental impact of LHCb - Jonas Rademacker (University of Bristol (GB))   (ONLINE only)
5:00 PM --- discussion ---
5:30 PM --- Coffee break ---
5:50 PM
Closing (until 7:00 PM) (ONLINE only)