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TH String Theory Seminar

Monica Pate - Flatspace Holography: Celestial Amplitudes and Symmetries

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The identification of quantum field theoretic soft theorems with constraints from infinite-dimensional asymptotic symmetries offers exciting prospects for the development of flatspace holography. In four spacetime dimensions, the asymptotic symmetry group includes the local conformal (Virasoro) symmetry of two dimensions, motivating the proposal that 4D scattering is holographically dual to a 2D conformal theory. Lorentz symmetry in four dimensions comprises the global part of the 2D conformal group of the dual.    Celestial amplitudes which capture the scattering of particles in boost as opposed to momentum eigenstates transform like correlation functions of primary operators under 4D Lorentz transformations.   I will describe how celestial amplitudes admit a variety of other properties -- including an operator product expansion and rich symmetry algebra -- which are indicative of an underlying two-dimensional holographic dual theory.