RAMP kickoff meeting: Kenta Uno, ATLAS-SUSY-2018-22

online only (CERN)

online only


Marie-Helene Genest (LPSC-Grenoble, CNRS/UGA (FR)), Sabine Kraml (LPSC Grenoble)

RAMP is a new series of short meetings throughout the year, where young experimentalists present the material for their analyses in a ~15-20 min talk, followed by a discussion with potential (re)users. The aim is to create more direct experiment-theory interaction, and to give more visibility and recognition to the effort of preparing and providing extensive material for reinterpretation.

As speakers, we want to invite primarily ECRs (students and young postdocs) who

  • have provided extensive material for a recent analysis (HEPData entries, pseudo code, likelihoods, a Rivet routine, etc), wish to raise awareness of it, and foster its re-use;
  • are preparing a publication (e.g., based on a conference note or PAS) and want to discuss how to best follow the recommendations of arXiv:2003.07868.

The presentations will be recorded and made available for interested people, e.g. in other time zones, who cannot attend live. Of course the RAMP meetings are also open to report on the actual reuse of the material presented earlier on.