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School preparation status update
* Addressing the overlap with the EDIT-2022 school
* Other matters

10/03/2021 via ZOOM

Attending: Giovanni Bencivenni (INFN LNF), Viktor Bodnarchuk (JINR), Gianluigi Cibinetto (INFN Ferrara), Jürgen Eschke (GSI/FAIR), Richard Hall-Wilton (ESS), Sergey Kononov (BINP), Lucie Linssen (CERN), Margherita Primavera (INFN Lecce), Christian Schmidt (GSI/FAIR), Michael Düren (JLU Giessen), Marco Poli Lener,

Excused: Otilia Culicov (JINR), Dominik Dannheim (CERN), Simon Spannagel (DESY), Yuri Tikhonov (BINP)



On behalf of the CREMLINplus EB, Jürgen Eschke informed us that financial support can be made available from CREMLINplus for students attending the school. In exceptional cases, financial support for teachers can probably also be negotiated.

It was discussed how we approach the lecture selection process. It was suggested that we first compose a list of candidates for each topic, discuss it and then the OC will invite them in order of priority. If the first candidate rejects the invitation the next one is invited and so on until we fill a vacancy. Candidates should be proposed by the relevant communities. CERN will draw the list of candidates for “Silicon detectors”. Richard Hall-Wilton agreed to look for candidates to cover “Neutron detection”.

It was proposed to single out Micro-Pattern Gaseous detector topic. After discussion we converged that we should fix the general topic as it is (“Gaseous detectors”) but we may have two speakers who will cover different types of GD but present the topic coherently.

From Yuri Tikhonov and ICFA it came up to our attention that we will have an overlap with EDIT-2022 school what will be held on the exact same dates (July 4–15, 2022) at IHEP, Beijing, China. Another school under ICFA supervision will be held in March 2022 at TIFR, Mumbai, India. EDIT organizers do not see a serious problem with overlap and anyway, they do not have a freedom to change the dates. It was decided not to shift the CREMLIN+ school dates, as we will most probably not have a lack of students or lecturers and shifting dates later in Summer does not make a big difference.

It was proposed to have a presentation about the host institution on the next meeting. Sergey will organize it.

It was proposed to contact EDIT organizers to coordinate announcement and admission. Lucie and Sergey will do it.

It was decided to fix lists of speakers and hands-on exercises by beginning of September 2021. Then announcement and registration can be opened in September 2021.

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      School preparation status update
      Speakers: Sergey A. Kononov (Budker Inst. Novosibirsk), Sergey Kononov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (RU))
    • 2
      Addressing the overlap with the EDIT-2022 school
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      Other matters