Perspectives on Big Science and the question of Justice


Michela Massimi (University of Edinburgh), Panagiotis Charitos (CERN)

An international Workshop co-organised with Dr Panagiotis Charitos (CERN) 22nd–23rd April 2021, virtual ZOOM meeting, N.B. Central European Time, i.e. commences 13.00 GMT (Edinburgh) 

This workshop brings together a multi-disciplinary group including philosophers of science, political philosophers, physicists, and economists to discuss a wealth of issues on science and justice, especially large-investments in Big Science and questions surrounding how and in what ways science benefits society and can (and ought to) foster fairer democratic societies.

Please note that all times correspond to Central European Time (CET)

The workshop is supported by the EU-funded ERC Consolidator Grant "Perspectival Realism" and the EU-funded H2020 FCCIS project.