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Participants: Hannah, David, Irwin, Jeny, Jim, Julie, Mine, Marcelo, Mischa, Petr, DaveK, Andrea, Maarten, James, Enrico, Brian, Federica, Joel, DaveD


  • IAM User sync
    • CMS
      • In place
      • Runs 2 times per day noon and midnight
      • New job in Openshift for CMS
      • Automatically linked to SSO account
    • Same script deployed for ATLAS but not active until duplicate account query is solved
      • Generic attributes are used and cannot be merged
      • Being looked at
      • Asked to continue with sync and skip duplicates
      • 7 duplicates, 20 service accounts
        • Service account email can replace owner's email to avoid collision
    • We need to provide client config files, i.e. rpms. Maarten normally provides rpms 
      • Can provide additional rpms for sites to install
      • Can also create new versions of standard rpms that include new VOMS servers (IAM VOMS endpoints must be reliable)
      • Safest solution, separate rpm for now during testing 
  • Groups Semantics
    • Q on why wlcg.groups ? Talked about namespacing 
    • Broken link
  • Token Transition Timeline Comments
    • in doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/11fcZU8fEsfjDiSkjh95nVr4tNXLPCA_xwr2SwriBpiw/edit#heading=h.lzdl5i6720lh
    • Brian to send details for hackathon 3/4 June
    • Discussion points emerging, should be discussed
      • Concern about power of tokens and impact if stolen 
      • "You could have the long-lived vault token owned only by root, and have a root process create a short lived one from that and store it as the unprivileged user" idea from DaveD
  • David on central suspension


cat /etc/grid-security/vomsdir/cms/voms-cms-auth.app.cern.ch.lsc
/DC=ch/DC=cern/CN=CERN Grid Certification Authority

cat /etc/vomses/voms-cms-auth.app.cern.ch.vomses
"cms" "voms-cms-auth.app.cern.ch" "443" "/DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/CN=cms-auth.web.cern.ch" "cms"


  • Andrea to enable ATLAS user sync without duplicates
  • Petr to fix duplicated accounts in ATLAS 
  • Maarten to create new rpms for IAM VOMS endpoints (Andrea to provide endpoints, included in minutes)
  • Brian to do some one-off VOMS tests with the new IAM VOMS endpoints
  • Brian to remove the word VO and fix broken link
  • Maarten to create a discussions doc for ongoing issues
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