Slide rehearsals for DIS 2021

    • 08:00 08:02
      Optimising top-quark pair-production threshold scan at future e+e- colliders 2m
      Speaker: Kacper Nowak (University of Warsaw)
    • 08:02 08:04
      Dark matter searches with mono-photon signature at future e+e− colliders 2m

      15-min talk, scheduled for 14/4/2021, talk is very similar to the LCWS21 though shortened.

      Speaker: Aleksander Filip Zarnecki (University of Warsaw)
    • 08:04 08:06
      Searches for invisible scalar decays at CLIC 2m

      Talk scheduled for 15 min on 14/4/2021. Talk is very similar to the LCWS'21 version, minor changes.

      Speaker: Mr Krzysztof Mekala (University of Warsaw)
    • 08:06 08:08
      Pair production of charged IDM scalars at high energy CLIC 2m

      15 min presentation on 14/4/2021, slightly modified from the corresponding LCWS21 presentation.

      Speaker: Jan Franciszek Klamka (University of Warsaw (PL))