Collider Cross Talk

High pT implications of muon anomalies (TH, EXP)

by Aurelio Juste Rozas (ICREA and IFAE (ES)) , David Marzocca (INFN Trieste)




Further confirmation at different confidence levels of anomalies related to muons (R_K, g-2) over the past months by the LHCb Collaboration at CERN and the Muon g-2 Collaboration at Fermilab has fuelled the imagination of scientists across the globe, with numerous new papers proposing theoretical models that could explain the observed anomalies.

In this collider cross-talk session, we will cover a personal selection of the implications of the proposed theory models on direct searches at high energies for e.g. resonances or effects in tails of possible UV completions, that could explain the anomalies, and we will compare these to what is already being searched for at ATLAS and CMS.

High pT implications of muon anomalies (TH, EXP)
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