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Ricardo Rocha
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  • Thursday, June 3
    • 1
      Infrastructure, Kubernetes and Cloud Native

      Some ideas of things to cover:

      • Deployment tools

      • Monitoring (of applications and infrastructure)

      • Policy enforcement / OPA?

      • Usage tracking / accounting

      • Workload scheduling? Need to schedule along data?

      • Typical workloads… batch, interactive jobs? Any custom tooling?

      • Any workloads not fitting Kubernetes? Other tooling being used?

    • 2
      Machine Learning

      Some ideas of things to cover:

      • Use Cases and Algorithms Used

      • Typical workflow from quick analysis to distributed / large scale training to serving

      • Tools and Infrastructure

      • GPUs? TPUs?

    • 3
      Public Cloud

      Some ideas of things to cover:

      • Experiences and challenges running on public cloud

      • Reasons to move out of on-premises, any thoughts 3 years passed?

      • High Level Services vs Your Own

      • Managed Kubernetes? Relying on high level ML services from GCP?

      • Single cloud provider (GCP)? Considering multi cloud?

    • 4
      Data and Databases

      Some ideas of things to cover:

      • Data Needs and Tools Used

      • Data distribution / bookkeeping around regions
        Any optimizations for cost reduction

      • Databases
        Do you have NoSQL databases?
        If so, what are the use-cases?
        How are they deployed/maintained?
        Do you have use-cases for relational databases / NewSQL?

    • 5
      Computing Seminar
    • 6
      Backup Session, Open Discussion