Ahmad Siar Hesam: Intro to High performance Computing with GPUs

31/2-029 (CERN)



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Christina Bolanou (Panteion University (GR))

We will learn about the core concepts of GPUs and their place in High-Performance Computing. After the introduction, we will be working on an hands-on assignment. In this assignment we will try to make use of the integrated GPU that is part of most of the modern Intel CPUs, and demonstrate how, even on a laptop, you can run programs in a heterogeneous (CPU + GPU) way.

Ahmad Hesam is a Fellow in the CERN openlab IT section working on a simulation platform for biomedical models. Like you, Ahmad started his journey at CERN as a Summer Student, and followed that up with a Technical Studentship. His background is in Computer Engineering and he has a specific interest in High-Performance Computing.

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