Rucio Development Meeting

Martin Barisits (CERN)
Rucio Development Meeting
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Martin Barisits
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Mario Lassnig, Cedric Serfon, Dimitrios Christidis
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      • Rucio 1.26 progress
        • RC2 just released, testing going very well
        • Final in the next days
      • Rucio Special Interest Groups
        • Activity to bring together people with a special interest in a specific topic (involving) Rucio
        • Inform and learn from each others plans, tests, outcomes; plan developments;
        • Discussions/coordination via dedicated mailing lists / chats
          • Dedicated meetings only if needed, otherwise discussion within the Rucio Dev meeting
        • Current (just started) SIGs
          • Metadata
            • Metadata evolution in Rucio, community usecases, benchmarks, etc.
          • QoS
            • Storage QoS in Rucio
            • We will start from prototyping a simple "storage-self managed QoS" usecase and evolve the system from there
        • Possible SIGs
          • DIRAC
            • Might be useful to coordinate the different efforts from Rucio for a DIRAC interface
            • Opinions?
          • ?
      • Rucio 1.27 "Batdonkey v Superdonkey" release planning in Dev meeting on Aug 12
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      Community News & DevOps roundtable
      • ATLAS
        • Deployed 1.26
          • rse_id index on replicas
            • Caused big load on database due to non-optima query plans
            • Set the index to invisible
            • For anyone running oracle:
              • Monitor the deployment and look at query plans
            • Index is not used at the moment anyway
      • CMS
        • Some Transfers stay in QUEUED state forever
          • Possibly fixed with 1.26?
          • Lack of logging messages, very hard to understand what is happening
            • Radu: Planning to add more information
      • Fermilab
        • Delegation of proxies to FTS3
          • Extend cron to include credentials
        • Rubin Obervatory discussions on how to integrate Rucio in their data framework
      • Belle II
        • Upgrade to 1.26.1 when it is out
          • .1 because still waiting for some PRs to be merged
      • SKAO
        • Metadata
          • SKAO working on metadata PR
          • Evolving equality engine PR from Gabriele
        • Deployment
          • SSL Ingress issues
          • Keeping up with helm-charts and changes there
      • DUNE/Edinburgh
        • LFN2PFN algorithm for DUNE metadata catalog
          • One code change missing, should not be controversial (for 1.26.1?)
        • Light-weight client plan
          • Make client more flexible in terms of locally installed tools
            • GSOC student also working on this
      • ORNL
        • Looking into Rucio
      • ESCAPE
        • Fully configured OIDC rucio instance
          • Users already testing, works well
        • After summer commencing full-stack tests
        • Tests with transmogrifier
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      Hot topics
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      Developers roundtable
      • Big backlog of PR
        • Big backlog of PRs due to Code Freeze (Should be over on Monday)
      • Datasetlocks not getting properly deleted #1860
      • Issue with lost source
        • Possible due to race-condition when rules gets STUCK
          • sources are cleared out
          • Only new sources created when transfer is re-submitted, but might take time
          • In this time-window, the replica might be unprotected
          • Possible solutions:
            • Check if there is a REPLICATING replica, and not delete them
            • Keep requests (and sources)?
        • Ticket #
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      • Next week no meeting (Summer schedule)!