PTB Meeting



proposed agenda:
1) Architectural Roadmap - Why is this useful

2) area-leaders F2F + balazs + Morris F2F Meeting for Architectural Roadmap

3) AOB, including next meeting

- Morris (chair on behalf of Balazs - vacation)
- Patrick
- Massimo
- Laurence
- John


Agenda items:

1) Architectural Roadmap - Why is this useful

- Morris presented the slides
- checked the figures/slides at the outcome of the Milan meeting
- Agreement of the approach and the usefulness to put our work in context with releases and check mutual dependencies


2) area-leaders F2F + balazs + Morris F2F Meeting for Architectural Roadmap

- Possible locations have been discussed
- Hamburg, Friday
- Balazs, Morris, Patrick meeting and possibly Massimo
- one day
- no overlap with all folks
- no F2F meeting makes sense
- not much discussions between ourselves
- We can do this also without a meeting if we provide the components and features could we place it in line with release thoughts
- then another circulation via email and thus creating the roadmap and workplans iteration by iteration instead of a 'big meeting'

### Agreement
- no time for F2F before Amsterdam (perhaps later)

### Action
- Todo (all): Gather input of own technical area (put it on the wiki) as a first step to create the architectural roadmap step by step over time


3) JRA1 Telcons - yes or no?!

- Topics: once a month, PEB report/feedback, top 5 key development, mailing list, open channel to morris
- We agreed only on particular needs
- no need, a small subset of things we can discuss on a pair-wise fashion
- Patrick: we don't need such telcons - area too complicated to understand each other
- Massimo: EMI EMT, gLite EMT, PTB, PT team, - too many meetings already in EMI!!!
- Laurence: relationship to JRA1 and PT teams, PTB, PEB, structure unclear anyway, telcon doesn't help
- John: not really, no

### Agreement:
- Only JRA1 Telcon until its really necessary

4) AOB

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