Theory Colloquia

Probing the properties of neutrinos and the mechanism behind the baryon asymmetry

by Julia Harz (Technical University of Munich (TUM))

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With neutrino oscillations pointing us towards massive neutrinos, they are a clear hint towards physics beyond the standard model. With a bright and diverse landscape of current and future experiments, novel approaches are being developed to probe the nature and interactions of neutrinos. First, I will talk about possible dim-5 interactions, in particular transition magnetic moments, and will discuss the sensitivity of coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering experiments to probe those. In this context, I will present a new smoking gun signature that can probe sterile neutrinos in an unexplored parameter space and can be used to distinguish between a Dirac or Majorana nature. I will then continue with possible dim-7 and dim-9 lepton-number violating interactions. I will discuss the interesting interplay between different observables such as meson decays, neutrinoless double beta decay and LHC searches. Finally, I will demonstrate the far-reaching implications of such an observation for cosmology: the potential to render standard thermal leptogenesis unviable.

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