Arduino Micro Controller and C++ programming (at CROEM)

In-person (CROEM, Mayaguez)


CROEM, Mayaguez

Pedro Rivera-Cardona (University of Puerto Rico (PR)), Tiahra Aviles Gonzalez (University of Puerto Rico (PR)), Yarelis Acevedo

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The NSF funded projects FIRST-HEP and IRIS-HEP strives to create a highly visible model and framework for future software training evolution within the U.S. and international HEP (High Energy Physics) communities. Its plan includes a dedicated outreach activity on  software training to the local Puerto Rico STEM teachers. The most effective way for FIRST-HEP to reach K-12 students and parents is to train teachers in the basics of computing and its vital role in science. In this 2-day workshop for K-12 teachers, programming Ardunio micro controller with C++ language will be demonstrated. This can aid in developing programming for robotics and many other similar projects. We expect this will encourage the teachers and school authorities to consider incorporating the basic software carpentries into the high school curriculum.

Tutors and Team Members:

Yarelis Acevedo

Tiahra Aviles

Pedro Cardona

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