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REMOTE: Geodetic metrology for future accelerators - Geodetic techniques for determining position and orientation with high accuracy (2/5)

by Prof. Andreas Wieser (ETH Zurich)





A core service of applied geodesy are the determination of coordinates and orientation with respect to chosen reference frames and the derivation of information including quality indicators therefrom. This is required for digitizing the 3d world, for transferring plans and models from the virtual space into the real one, and for reliably quantifying deformations and rigid body motion over time. The lecture will give a brief overview about techniques and solutions. Emphasis will be put on instrumental, environmental and practical accuracy limitations for coordinate measurements using GNSS, total stations and other standard geodetic instruments, as well as on limitations for azimuth and coordinate transfer from above ground to underground infrastructure.

Short Bio Andreas Wieser 

Andreas Wieser is a professor of Geosensors and Engineering Geodesy at ETH Zurich since 2012. He has over 20 years of experience in research and teaching from Universities in Austria, Canada and Switzerland. He has been a product manager for GPS-based tolling. His research covers high-precision GNSS, parameter estimation, quality control and calibration, digitization of reality, geodetic monitoring, and the development of novel measurement systems. Since about ten years he focusses on the development of innovative laser-based sensor technology, and point-cloud processing. He is the Chair of the Society for the Calibration of Geodetic Devices, a member of the Swiss, Austrian and German Geodetic Commission, and of the Swiss Federal Surveyor’s Commission.

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