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REMOTE - Everything you always wanted to know about the Internet (but were afraid to ask) - Technology 2: Optical fibre transmission: how to cram bits into fibres (5/5)

by Kent Lindström



You think you know how the internet works, but do you really understand the complexity of today’s pervasive internet or do you think of it simply as a scaled up version of the Arpanet just after TCP/IP was introduced? If you aren’t sure what an ASN is or what MPLS does then these lectures are for you. Although our speakers will cover how the internet was born—and touch on the role that institutes such as CERN played in its development—the focus will be on the technologies, both hardware and software, that enable interconnect billions of devices and move exabytes of data. Even if you do know what an ASN is and understand MPLS, you’re be bound to learn something as these experts explain the rules and standards that regulate these technologies and how they are created and agreed.


More than 20 years of experience from telecom industry, he has held various positions at Transmode and Infinera including a 4-year assignment in the USA where he worked as the director of sales engineering. Prior to this Kent held several positions at Ericsson

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