Network topology in CRIC


Attended by:

Shawn, Edoardo, Marian, Alexey, Panos, Julia

Next steps for already implemented fuctionality

1). User how to:

     - Create "How to" instruction and add it in the "How to" block of the CRIC homepage. Some part of this instruction should come form network experts, to better explain meaning of every field and explain information structure, for example in which case a separate network site is created , etc...

     - Add some tips to the form itself to add with the question mark to the fields in the form. Again text from network experts is required


2). Changes to the model

   - Add another boolean attribute to the "Subnets"

3). How we proceed to fill info for all sites

   - Edoardo will create a csv file which will be fed into CRIC and then we start a campaign asking sites to check info in CRIC

Perfsonar topology implementation

1). For every Perfsonar instance we need two fields for status , one as it is coming form GocDB/OSG topology, another one from psconfig

2). We might foresee the possibility to create virtual RCSites for cases when in CRIC  there is no real RCSite hosting perfsonar instance. Might need to flag this site in some way. Should not happen automatically (see point 4)

3). Perfsonar instances in CRIC are mapped to RCSite, network sites are also mapped to RCSite, but there is no mapping between perfsonar instance and network site. Would be useful to have it by mapping via ip address

4). Need to have a collector from psconfig in order to get into CRIC information about status, list of hosts and mesh participation. Marian will create a ticket in CRIC jira explaining how to interpret information in psconfig. This collector will also detect perfsonar instance which can not be mapped to existing RCSites or do not exist in CRIC, and would require manual intervention in order to create virtual RCSite and to map Perfsonar instances.







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    • 2:00 PM 2:20 PM
      Feedback on network topology implementation in CRIC 20m
    • 2:20 PM 2:40 PM
      Requirements for implementation of Perfsonar topology in CRIC 20m
      Speaker: Marian Babik (CERN)
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      Discussion 20m