WLCG Tape REST API message exchange discussion

Cedric Caffy (CERN), Mihai Patrascoiu (CERN)

During this meeting, we will continue our discussion about the structure of the JSON messages that will be exchanged between the API and the client.

The following fields are needed by EOSCTA to stage files from tape:

  • activity (string)

  • priority (unsigned int)

  • QoS (string)

  • bringonlinedeadline (epoch timestamp)

  • parentdataset (string given by Rucio)

  • datasetsize (unsigned long given by Rucio)

  • enduser (behind Rucio authentication)

  • FTS job ID (UUID)

  • FTS file ID (unsigned long)

  • FTS endpoint (string)

As these fields need to be passed for each file, what are the ones we would like
to support in common and what are the ones we would like to put in the
targeted_metadata object?

Please come prepared to this meeting to find an agreement on this. You can use the following CodiMD document to give some ideas: https://codimd.web.cern.ch/xapLlnBpTJi9dApaCw4_jQ#

We will then continue the discussions on the other messages (still based on the CodiMD document)

WLCG Tape REST API discussion
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    • 3:00 PM 4:00 PM
      Message exchange discussion 1h
      Speaker: Cedric Caffy (CERN)