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Martin Barisits (CERN)
Rucio Development Meeting
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Martin Barisits
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Mario Lassnig
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    • 3:00 PM 3:05 PM
      News 5m
      • Python 2.7 deprecation meeting
        • Tentatively on February-17, still waiting for feedback
      • Google Summer of Code 2022
        • If you are interested to do a Rucio project, please let me know
        • Deadline February 21
        • Two project durations: short (175h), long (350h)
      • Testing
        • Please do not "test" your PRs with repeated commit submission on the main rucio repository
        • It takes runner slots for other jobs
        • You can test your development branches on your personal github fork with exactly the same GH actions as the main repository
          • Everything comes out of the box
          • GH Actions need to be turned on
    • 3:05 PM 3:20 PM
      Community News & DevOps roundtable 15m
      • ATLAS
        • Migration of puppet nodes to kubernetes
      • CMS
        • Setup cache notification (Rucio cache-consumer) workflow
          • Not quite working
      • Fermilab/DUNE/Rubin/...
        • Rubin: Workshop at the moment, Large number of small files coming up
      • Belle II
        • Belle II general meeting right now
        • Migration to Python 3 one topic
          • Depending on migration to DIRAC 7.3
        • Moving to IAM
      • DUNE/Edinburgh
        • Policy packages in containerized systems
        • bug with policy packages which cause a import loop
      • DIRAC
        • PR interface to MultiVO
        • Another bug which seems strange
          • list_scopes syntax not correct? Unexpected keyword argument (Could be filter vs filter_ issue)
          • list_scopes initializes filter with ={}
            •  Probably not a good idea
            • Not recommended (see python documentation)
      • RAL/MultiVO
        • Containerized setup not working with tokens
        • S3 RSEs integration
          • No documentation page
      • ESCAPE
        • Kick-started discussion with KM3Net
        • CS3Mesh integration with Rucio
          • All the pieces for integration with RIVA should be there
    • 3:20 PM 3:25 PM
      Hot topics 5m
    • 3:25 PM 3:55 PM
      Developers roundtable 30m
      • Rucio 1.28 "Teenage Mutant Ninja Donkeys" release roadmap followup
        • IN PROGRESS
          • Fix broken Client and Rest API docs view #4992 [Joel]
            • Decided on framework OpenAPI, now implementing the render
              • Will be a mixture between Py-Doc and FLASK (Flask plugin for OpenAPI)
          • Test framework for VO Specific tests #4797 [Mayank]
            • New test suite: vo-tests
            • Part left:
              • Adding configuration
              • Use composite workflows for repeated workflows (auto-test + vo-tests)
          • Stabilize geoip based replica selection #5133 [Radu]
            • Needs test cases
          • Host python 2.7 deprecation meeting [Martin]
            • Will send out eMails this week
          • Clarify, implement and document a way how to include policy packages in containers/kubernetes #5138 [James]
          • Authentication workflows in WebUI 2.0 #5135 [Mayank]
        • IN REVIEW
          • Hermes 2 evolution #4610 [Cedric]
            • First PR is there, missing documentation
            • Dev container is missing Influx, Elastic, etc. would be needed for TESTING
              • Modify dev container
          • BB8 rewrite #4706 [Cedric]
            • First draft already in December
            • Had discussion with CMS how they want to rebalance data
            • Query to select data is very ATLAS specific, now parameterizable
            • Would be good if CMS has a look on this too
          • Create CMS-style consistency checking daemon #5113 [Stefan]
            • PR is there, including comments from Eric
          • Support prometheus metrics in daemons and servers #3416 [Radu]
        • TODO
          • Host token workflow meeting [Martin]
          • Reduce rule tickets [Martin]
          • Document and cleanup discrepancies between surl and lfn2pfn algorithms #5129 [Martin]
          • Reduce transfer tickets [Radu]
          • Disentangle fts3 specific code from conveyor poller and receiver #4873 [Radu]
          • Add symlinks for the new daemon names #5131 [Joel]
          • Prepare a clear list of changes which need to be made to use new daemon names #5132 [Joel]
          • Clean dead code in the probes (ATLAS and common) #p/83 [Dimitrios, Eric]
          • Create a contributor guide for probes #p/84 [Dimitrios]
          • WebUI 2.0 Architecture #5134 [Mayank]
          • Remove direct DB dependence from the WebUI #4319 [Mayank]
          • Include new operator engine also to json based columns #5144 [Rob]
          • Add MongoDB metadata plugin #5143 [Rob]
        • DONE
          • Create a prototype workflow with temporary tables #5130 [Radu]
          • Write documentation page about helm-charts and versioning #h/84 [Eric]
    • 3:55 PM 4:00 PM
      AOB 5m