Zoom connection:

Plenary and writing/working group sessions (Same room Thursday-Saturday):

Parallel session 1: Accelerators/Short Baselines (Friday)

Parallel session 2: Astrophysical Neutrinos (Friday)

Parallel session 3: Reactors and more (Friday)

The passcode for all zoom rooms is "snowmass" (no quotes)

Workshop Overview

The Pittsburgh Particle Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology Center (PITT PACC) at the University of Pittsburgh is excited to host the Snowmass Joint Workshop on New Physics Opportunities with Neutrino Experiments: Theoretical & Experimental Perspectives meeting from Thursday, February 10th, 2022 till Saturday, February 12, 2022. The meeting will be conducted virtually over Zoom.  

This workshop will bring together theorists and experimentalists to discuss and advance opportunities to search for physics beyond the Standard Model with current, near term, and future neutrino experiments in the context of the Snowmass Community Planning studies. The focus will be on the activities of the NF03 topical group (Neutrinos and BSM) and the overlapping physics interests of the following Snowmass topical groups: NF01, NF02, NF03, RF06 and TF11. 

Expected goals from the workshop

  • Discuss activities and progress on Snowmass studies on new physics opportunities at neutrino experiments.
  • Provide a status update of sub-topical groups activities and remaining studies including timelines, if incomplete.
  • Finalize sub-topical group whitepapers.
  • Generate first drafts of topical frontier group reports (NF01,NF02,NF03,RF06 and TF11) on new physics opportunities.
  • Define clear timelines for completing the sub-topical group whitepapers and topical group reports. 

To participate, please register for the meeting.