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Virtual Talk about CERN

by Alexis Kalogeropoulos (Princeton University)


A presentation about CERN by one of our CERN guides.

Format of the talk:

  • Content: from his/her home or office, an experienced CERN guide introduces CERN to the general public: it´s organization, research, implemented tools and how all this changes your life.

  • Language: English

  • Duration: 40 minutes presentation plus 20 minutes questions and answers.
  • Places: maximum 50 participants to guarantee a fair interaction between you and the speaker
  • Target Audience: all public, from 14 years old, no prior notion of physics required


Before the day of the talk

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On the day of the talk

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To know more about CERN...

Talk material

  • Your guide will share below the presentation and other relevant documents.
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