LEP TF meeting



Dirk Duellmann (CERN)

~ fortnightly LEP working group meeting - currently joint with CERNLIB community port  working group.

LEP TF meeting
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Dirk Duellmann
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Discussion topics include:

  • status of experiment input to the DPHEP report 
    • assume Opera input will be welcome
    • Started paper draft for a joint LEP proposal: plan to bring this to conclusion?
  • community CERNLIB workplan
    • we have the the history preserved import and a set of target platforms 
    • what are the next steps towards a release that is usable/useful for validation?
  • LEP data access - review process after CASTOR to CTA migration 
    • received list of authorised accounts from ALEPH 
    • similar approach for tape access also for OPAL and Delphi? 



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