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ASP Covid-19 Exercise

Azwinndini Muronga (Nelson Mandela University), Dephney Mathebula (University of Venda), Ketevi Adikle Assamagan (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US))
ASP Covid-19 Exercise
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ASP COVID-19 Analysis
Ketevi Adikle Assamagan
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Present: Azwinndini, Kossi, Toivo, Aluwani, Michael, Gertrude, Francisco, Jean Baptiste, Mose, Malupe and Kétévi

1. Kossi presented a modeling of data from Ghana with vaccination. The model used included vaccination effect. The data used has a gap of about one month where there is no data. We agreed to not model through gaps; rather to stop the modeling at the beginning of the gap and restart at the end of the gap with a new initial condition.

2. In some cases, only partial data is available starting at some time, for example active or recovered cases may not be kept any longer. We have this case for Cameroon and Kenya. In these cases, we will model only the available data. The analysis code should protect again partial / missing pieces of data to avoid the code to crash—Jean Baptiste will handle this for Cameroon.

3. Kossi presented the modeling equations with vaccination where there is possibility for vaccinated folks to be re-infected. With the help of Azwinndini, we will review these equations at the next meeting, and discuss how to do the implementation in the analysis code.

3. Toivo will contact Michael to discuss code implementation for Nigeria.

4. In addition to Ghana (as mentioned above), we discussed progress from Toivo (Mozambique) and Nigeria (Michael). Aluwani and Francisco also sent progress report on South Africa but it was not discussed (Apologies, Kétévi did not notice their email on time).

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