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Two-loop QCD corrections to five-particle amplitudes with one massive leg

by Simone Zoia

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I discuss the recent advances in the computation of two-loop scattering amplitudes for five-particle processes with one external massive leg. The latter are crucial ingredients to obtain NNLO QCD predictions for many interesting LHC processes. I present the construction of a basis of transcendental functions which allows us to evaluate all the required Feynman integrals efficiently. This result opened the door to the computation of the first amplitudes of this kind, which however remains challenging due to their algebraic complexity. I discuss how we tame it using finite field arithmetic, and present the computation of the two-loop amplitudes for the production of a W/H boson in association with a bottom-quark pair, and of a W boson in association with a photon and a jet.

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Elena Gianolio
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Alexander Yohei Huss, Pier Francesco Monni, Michelangelo Mangano, Samuel Abreu, Julien Baglio, Ben Page, Valentin Jonathan Hirschi
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