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The Travelling Telescope is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting science and technology using astronomy tools and concepts. We take our computerised portable telescope and mobile planetarium around Kenya and Tanzania educating the public about our universe and emphasizing the importance of protecting our fragile planet. We focus on two main areas, Education and Tourism. We are the youth partners of Airbus Foundation and have successfully completed robotic workshops with them. In addition to this we have delivered online 3D modelling workshops using Tinkercad, a product of autodesk. We also recently built a permanent planetarium with the dome built out of bamboo. This is the only permanent planetarium in East Africa.

We have reached hundreds of schools and hundreds of thousands of students in city and rural areas of Kenya and Tanzania. We have been featured on CNN, BBC, Aljazeera and many other local and international media houses. Please visit our website for more information:

Our primary goal is to establish the Travelling Telescope project in schools across Kenya and the rest of Africa in an effort to confront the deficit of research-based education in Africa.

Astronomy is a science that sparks curiosity and intrigue, and through our project, we hope to excite young Africans to love science and explore their environment using the scientific approach. By providing our tools and expertise as complementary to the school curricula we are exposing our young minds to a different, interactive and exciting way of learning science.

Organized by

Dr. Susan Murabana Owen

  • Babou DIOP
  • Clara Nellist
  • Colin Clarke
  • Darole Masevosi
  • Evance Obara
  • Fati Amadou Oumarou
  • Gloria Raharimbolamena
  • Josiah Faniyi
  • Kayode DADA
  • Ketevi Adikle Assamagan
  • Lydia Roos
  • Mounia TAHRI
  • Mourad Faraj
  • Osório de Cavacundo
  • Othmane Mouane
  • Rhodri Evans
  • Rodney Abugre
  • Samuel Tetteh
  • Toivo Samuel Mabote
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