IRIS-HEP Fellows Introductory Presentations


IRIS-HEP Fellows Lightning Talks June 13, 2022


    • 5:30 PM 6:30 PM
      Fellows Projects "Lightning" Talks 1h
      • Ameya Thete - Equivariant Graph Neural Networks for Particle Tracking 5m
      • Aryan Roy - Accelerating Uproot with AwkwardForth 5m
      • Durbar Chakraborty - Metrics to define user activities and engagement on the various coffea-casa Analysis Facility deployments 5m
      • Kathryn Edwards - Geometric Machine Learning with DUNE 5m
      • Manasvi Goyal - Accelerating Awkward Array Builders 5m
      • Max Zhao - Efficient implementation of algorithms to reconstruct charged particles trajectories 5m
      • Natalie Bruhwiler - Muon Collider Tracking Software 5m
      • Philip Templeman - Prototyping an Analysis Workflow for MINERvA 5m
      • Jay Gohil - Features Extension, Inclusion & Rectification for Boost-Histogram 5m
      • Surya Somayyajula - Improve Cling’s packaging system, Cling Packaging Tool 5m