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31/S-028 (CERN)



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Michael Davis (CERN)
CTA Dev Meeting
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CTA Dev Meeting
Michael Davis
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    • 2:00 PM 2:10 PM
      CTA Release Workflow 10m
      • New use of GitLab milestones to track which features are targeted to which release
      • Discuss release procedure (link).
      • Release notes instructions need to be further improved. Need to mention Milestones and how they should be used (Joao).
      • We should have a flowchart with all the steps to follow during a release workflow (Joao).
      • Consider having a "release candidate TAG". Be careful not to trigger the automatic release workflow (Joao).
      • Research how other organizations handle development/release_candidate/release/fix/etc branches and tags (Joao).
    • 2:10 PM 2:20 PM
      CTA Catalogue Schema 10m

      Upgrade procedure status

      • Procedure to upgrade clone of production DB
      • Upgrading production DB to v10.0
      • Readiness of container, procedures and documentation for external collaborators to perform v10.0 upgrade

      Schema - v10.1


      • Schema change to remove deprecated columns

      Schema and software upgrades

      • Need a process to better evaluate dependencies between software changes and schema changes and order of software/schema upgrades #1129
      • Proposal to not bundle non-backwards-compatible schema changes with other code changes #706
    • 2:20 PM 2:30 PM
      CTA Release Roadmap 10m

      See CTA Release Roadmap

      Release 4.7.0


      • Deployed in PPS
      • Will be replaced by 4.7.0-2.


      • Separate branch: v4.7.0-2
      • Expected prod deployment: 18 May 2022
      • Index ARCHIVE_FILE_SCI_IDX changes (#1214) (Miguel)


      • Status of documentation update for external collaborations

      Release 4.7.1

      Release 4.7.2

      • Deprecated
      • Tagged: v4.7.2-1
      • 4.7.3 will replace it

      Release 4.7.3

      Future releases (4.7.x)

      Catalogue v10.1

      • Milestones link
      • Separate branch: catalogue_v10.1
      • DB schema clean-up (remove obsolete columns and tables)
      • New pending states - REPACKING_PENDING, BROKEN_PENDING (Joao)

      Release 4.7.4


      Public Release

      Deployment Schedule

      • Release 4.7.0-1 / Frozen 28 April 2022 / DB schema v10.0 deployed in PPS
      • Release 4.7.0-2 / Freeze date TBD / Will be used to deploy v10.0 to Prod (18 May 2022)
      • Release 4.7.1-1 / Frozen on 10 May 2022 / Won't be deployed to prod
      • Release 4.7.2-1 / Frozen on 11 May 2022 / Deprecated
      • Release 4.7.3-1 / Frozen on 12 May 2022 / Prod deployment TBD
      • Release 4.7.4-1 / Freeze date TBD
      • Review open issues and see what can go into 4.7.4 (consider using tag 4.7.x until we decide exactly with issues will go into a release) (Joao).
    • 2:30 PM 2:40 PM
      Removing unwanted files from CTA repo 10m
      • #1182 Move subdirectories from CTA dev repo into new repos
      • Richard has investigated several possibilities and has a proposal
      • This implies rewriting history, which has consequences for any open branches and will have an impact on external collaborators
      • Richard will continue to follow this and experiment.
      • We decided to preserve the history of the "current/old" repo (no history changes), in order to preserve all the links to old commits. This repo will be eventually deprecated in favour of the new ones.
      • A new Public CTA repo will be created, which will be our new development repo. Richard will research how we can properly do the migration of the current branches.
      • Some directories (CTA/migration) don't need to be moved into new repos, since we don't use them anymore. We will keep then in the deprecated repo.
    • 2:40 PM 2:50 PM
      CASTOR to CTA Migration 10m

      CASTOR clean-up tasks #677

      • Migrate CASTOR statistics to CTA #ops-736
      • Giuseppe to eventually remove CERNBox files from Hadoop tapes in the r_backup pool so they can be repacked. (No deadline has been set).
      • This is being followed up by Richard in Ops. We don't need to follow up in dev meeting.
    • 2:50 PM 3:00 PM
      AOB 10m
      • Problems caused by ambiguous resolution of partial template specialisations. Latest example (though not the first) is #1194
      • Allow VO override for repack (#1210)
      • Time of this meeting to not clash with Luca's section meeting (14.00-15.00)
      • Nightly build (coordinated by Julien - #1187).
        • Will run both EOS5 and Valgrind stuff.
      • We did not have time to discuss #1210 . This will be done in the following dev meeting.
      • Regarding the template linkage errors, Fons suggested using SonarCloud. This can be integrated into our CI. He will be  researching it further.