11th Quattor Workshop

cern (see detailed agenda) (CERN)

cern (see detailed agenda)


Michel Jouvin (LAL), Veronique Lefebure (CERN)
This workshop is the main meeting of the Quattor community. Its main goal is discussing main issues, roadmap and community organization. It brings together Quattor developers and users and is open to everybody interested by Quattor. The two first days are really intended for internal discussions when the third day is devoted to tutorials and hands-on sessions. Remote participation to the meeting will be available. Use the EVO Connection menu to join.
  • Alastair Bland
  • Antonio Perez Perez
  • Cal Loomis
  • Eric Fede
  • Fernando Lucas Rodriguez
  • Giacomo Tenaglia
  • Guillaume PHILIPPON
  • Ian Peter Collier
  • Ignas Butenas
  • Ivan Fedorko
  • James Adams
  • Jerome Pansanel
  • Jorge Amando Molina-Perez
  • Joris Maes
  • Kenneth Hoste
  • Loic Brarda
  • Luis Fernando Munoz Mejias
  • Michel Jouvin
  • Nick Williams
  • Shkelzen Rugovac
  • Stephane Francis A Gerard
  • Tomasz Wolak
  • Veronique Lefebure
  • Vitor Emanuel Gomes Gouveia
  • Wayne Salter
  • Weizhen Wang
  • Wouter Depypere