DD4hep Developers Meeting



Andre Sailer (CERN) , Markus Frank (CERN)

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DD4hep Developers Meeting
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Andre Sailer
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Present: A. Sailer, A.Tolosa Delgado, M.Frank, S. Banerjee



1) Pending problems


1.1) DDDigi TBB code needs migration to new oneAPI TBB interfaces (Issue 901):
      Clash between Intel oneapi TBB and classic TBB.
      -- Wouter promised to look into.
1.2) Issue 918: Should be addressed by PR920. Waiting for feedback.
                        HepMC3 reader with Pythia8 Argantyr generator: status checker not implemented
1.3) Issue 921: EDM4hep output MCParticleCollection should be named MCParticle
1.4) Issue 940: Integration of external library (CRY) for cosmic ray generation in DDG4 simulation: on hold
1.5) Issue 970: Support for digitization in ddsim: on hold
1.6) Issue 977: problem with geant4 visualization: on hold
1.7) Issue 978: inputting runtime constants to hits: on hold
                           Is this still a DD4hep issue or more a framework issue? 
                           Last question requires specialized hits, specialized G4 SD and a framework.


2)    Closed issues and fixed problems

2.0) PR974:  RICH detector example and Geant4OpticalTrackerAction: many thanks to Christopher Dilks for providing this elaborate example.
                       We were always missing an optical tracker like a RICH!
2.1) PR975:  materialBudget app: Allow for asymmetric detectors: thanks to Wouter for the implementation.
2.2) PR976:  geoConverter app: Allow to export of DD4hep geometries to pure ROOT geometries: thanks to Wouter for the implementation.
                       The difference to DD4hepo exports to ROOT is the omission of the DD4hep detector description enhancements like 
                        sensitive detectors, readouts, segmentations etc.
2.3) PR979:  Use explicit namespace in DDCond dictionary: thanks to Marco Clemencic.
                       Apparently cling uses any "using" statement in the dictionary generation files.
                       This can lead to namespace clashes.

2.4) PR980:  Remove using declarations in root-cling dictionary files: Markus Frank
                       Propagate PR979 also to all other root-cling dictionary files to avoid interpreter clashes with the global namespace

2.5) PR982:  Fix to ddsim --gun.distribution eta should set eta_min, eta_max correctly: thanks to Wouter Deconinck


3) Round table
  Markus:   ----

  Andre:     ----

  Alvaro:    ----


4) AOB

Next meeting:   13. October 2022

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