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James William Walder (Science and Technology Facilities Council STFC (GB)) , Jyoti Prakash Biswal (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)

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ATLAS UK Cloud Support
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James William Walder
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      Ongoing Items
      • a) Storageless Site tests

        Oxford and Birmingham testing

      • c) Network usage for LHCOPN/LHCONE meeting (October)

        Asked to help collecting information to add to the ATLAS presentation at the next LHCOPN/LHCONE meeting.

        A Couple of plots available showing the Manchester upgrade (local prometheus vs ddm dashboard. But there are few more info and plots we can collect.

        • For representative sites (e.g. 1k slots, 5k, 10k, 100k) network plots ,
          FTS and internal (split).
          → important to know the external network config.
        • Sites with Ceph can the internal storage replication traffic be monitored?
          Looking at RAL, Lancs and Glasgow here
        • CVMFS cache traffic manchester squids don't go beyond 30MB/s with an average of 7-8 MB/s so ~ 60-70 Mb/s is negligible.
          I assume the same for everyone?

        • StorageLess sites Oxford and Bham plots.
          The picture James presented at gridpp48 was a bit foggy. It is not clear if the caches work or they are a nuisance.
          But to me the main problem is to understand if we have a monitoring we can reliably look at when there are changes such as enabling disabling VP.
          Or adding removing the cache between the remote node and the WNs.

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      News round-table
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