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Michael Davis (CERN)
CTA Dev Meeting
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Michael Davis
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      CTA Release Workflow
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      CTA Release Roadmap

      See CTA Release Roadmap

      Release 4.7.10-1 - Catalogue v12.0

      • Milestones link
      • Release date: 12 Sep
      • Pre-prod deployment date: 16 Sep
      • Prod deployment date: 19 Sep
      • New states (EXPORTED, etc.) and index changes.

      Release 4.7.11-1

      • Milestones link
      • Release date: 16 Sep
      • Pre-prod deployment date: 22 Sep
      • Prod deployment date: 23 Sep
      • "Flush" all the latest main commits into a code release.
      • Stress tests running.

      Release 4.8.0-1

      • Milestones link
      • Release date: TBD
      • Pre-prod deployment date: TBD
      • Prod deployment date: TBD
      • v4.8.0-0.rc1 has been released and deployed in preproduction for testing purposes: #ops-842

      Future releases (4.7.x)

      Public Release

      • Remaining tasks
      • Release date: Sep 2022
      • On top of internal release v4.7.11
      • Include Xrootd 5
      • Versioning same as internal release, but with v5 (v5.Y.Z)
      • Michael noted that the DB issues being researched by him should not block version 4.7.11-1 deployment.
      • Therefore, 4.7.11-1 deployment can proceed next week (pre-prod on monday, prod on tuesday).
      • Public release will be done next week, after 4.7.11-1 is deployed without issues.
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      CTA read support for non-native tape formats (OSM/dCache and Enstore)

      • Project roadmap: #2
      • [Jorge]: Handling of the non-native formats by the CleanerSession (#122). Overview.

      cta-frontend-grpc integration for CTA

      • Project roadmap: #38
      • [Michael] Frontend refactoring:
        * Integrate cta-frontend-grpc with the common code.
        * Add support for the cta-admin commands that to not require response.
        * Pick one cta-admin streaming command as proof of concept.
      • [Joao] btime and other parameters to be filled by EOS: #145

      CTA read support for non-native tape formats (OSM/dCache and Enstore)

      • Almost finished. After Jorge fixes the remaining CleanupRunner stuff, we can remove this topic.

      cta-frontend-grpc integration for CTA

      • Michael is working on this.
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      CTA dev topics

      Tape drive states

      • [Vova]: Project status overview. Testing.

      PostgreSQL scheduler DB

      • [David]: Project status overview.

      REPACKING tape state and queue cleanup

      • [Joao]: Project status overview.

      EOS report logs

      • [Joao]: Project status overview.
      • Changes merged to EOS #8.
      • Testing new EOS version with CTA.

      cta-admin build for CentOS Stream-8, and other CI changes

      • [Jorge]: Project status overview #72

      Encryption key script optimization (cta-get-encryption-key)

      • Issue description #Ops-839. Main tasks:
      • [Joao]: Add the column Key ID to the table TAPE_POOL #137
      • [Richard]: Modify cta-get-encryption-key script to accept the Key ID, instead of using cta-admin #138 - move script to CTA repo?
      • [Vova]: Modify Tape Server code to pass the Key ID to the script #139

      "needs discussion" topics

      Tape drive states

      • Vova has been working on some issues related with the tests. It will still take some time to complete. 

      PostgreSQL scheduler DB

      REPACKING tape state and queue cleanup

      • The disabledTape field in protobuf needs to be reintroduced!

      EOS report logs

      • Joao needs to check with Julien if the new EOS version is working as expected with CTA.

      cta-admin build for CentOS Stream-8, and other CI changes

      • The only remaining task is to update the CentOS Stream-8 RPMs to include the newly built cta-admin tool.

      Encryption key script optimization (cta-get-encryption-key)

      • Richard will finish working on the script.
      • Afterward, we can do more improvements, such as removing the logic that sets up the Key ID and move it into the tape server. This would leave the script with only the task of finding the Key for a KeyID, which is very simple.
      • The script should be moved into the CTA project.

      Update RetrieveJob to support completion report #154

      • Jacek will check with Tigran and update the ticket with the details of what needs to be done.


      • Joao will check with Vlado to decide the best common tape configuration for CTA tapes in MHVTL.
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      HTTP REST API, Activities and Priorities

      • [Julien]: Specification document status and remarks.


      • Room 513/R-068 is booked every week, until the EOY, for the CTA dev meeting.


      • Julien is finishind a proposal for the document and will schedule a meeting between the CTA devs and FTS team