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Hybrid (FNAL Sunrise (WH11NE)/Zoom)


FNAL Sunrise (WH11NE)/Zoom


Sunrise at FNAL (WH11NE)


Abstract : 

The left-right symmetric extension of the Standard Model can provide answers to many unsolved questions of the universe including parity violation of weak charged current and a mass generation mechanism of Standard Model neutrinos and their small values compared to other fermions. In this seminar, I will present a recent search for the left-right symmetric model through the right-handed W boson and heavy neutrino production channel from the CMS detector using the full Run-II dataset. The search utilizes the various kinematic features and final state objects from the target process, exploiting the full physics potential of the searches using boosted objects.



Meeting ID: 968 9890 9340


Password provided by email or contact lpc-pf@fnal.gov to obtain it.