LHCb UK Seminar: Draw Me a Flavour Experiment

4/S-030 (CERN)



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Ahmed Abdelmotteleb (University of Warwick (GB)), Aidan Richard Wiederhold (University of Warwick (GB)), Hanae Tilquin (Imperial College (GB)), Niall Thomas Mchugh (University of Glasgow (GB))

LHCb UK Seminar: Draw Me a Flavour Experiment

An overview of the LHCb Detector, from Louis Henry (CERN):

"Modern-day particle physics experiments can be of very different shapes and concepts, from barrel-like 'classical' detectors to buried PMTs in the Antarctic ice. In that landscape, the LHCb detector stands as another oddity, with its fixed-target geometry in a classical collider. We will, in this seminar, start from the basics of flavour physics all the way to how data is treated, to showcase the choices and trade-offs required in detector design. In an ever-evolving context of accelerator technology and computational capabilities, it is paramount to understand what has been done in order to propose what can be changed."

This seminar will take place both on ZOOM and in-person, in room 4/S-030Refreshments will be provided.


Video Recording: https://videos.cern.ch/record/2297145

Website: lhcb.ac.uk       Twitter: @LHCb_UK       Instagram: @lhcb_uk_students

    • 4:30 PM 5:10 PM
      Draw Me a Flavour Experiment 40m
      Speaker: Louis Henry (CERN)

      Video Recording: https://videos.cern.ch/record/2297145

    • 5:10 PM 5:30 PM
      Q&A 20m