Mar 20 – 22, 2023
Merton College, Oxford
Europe/London timezone

Tests of foundational concepts in quantum mechanics, such as entanglement, and Bell in equality violation have been extensively tested at ~eV scales using photons and solid state systems. However such tests could also be performed at the highest energy scales explored by colliders. Several such proposals have been made, for example using the polarised decays of top quarks or electroweak bosons. 

This workshop with theorists and experimentalists and philosophers of physics will investigate how we can make those proposals into real measurements, and explore what those measurements can tell us about the underlying description of nature. 


The workshop has been designed to allow lots of time for informal discussion, and so in-person participation. To make attendance easier the beginning and end times have been scheduled such that participants can travel on the Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon. The conference banquet will be held in the medieval hall of Merton College on the Tuesday evening (21st March). 

Registration has now closed.

Merton College, Oxford
TS Eliot Lecture theatre
Merton St, Oxford, OX1 4JD
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