Brian Paul Bockelman (University of Wisconsin Madison (US)), Maria Arsuaga Rios (CERN), Petr Vokac (Czech Technical University in Prague (CZ))

Topic: WLCG DOMA BDT Meeting (twiki)

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Petr Vokac
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    • 4:30 PM 4:35 PM
      News 5m

      This meeting will be mostly focused on TAPE REST deployment status and plans

      NOTES: possible topics for next meeting(s)

      • archival metadata - standard for passing metadata to the tape storage (HTTP headers?) - probably too early for status update of this topic
      • progress with recommended storage configuration for X.509 + tokens
        • ideas how to use tokens for user / group storage areas
        • issuer capability basepath


    • 4:35 PM 5:00 PM
      Tape REST access 25m
      Speaker: Mihai PATRASCOIU (CERN)

      CERN CTA TAPE REST deployment plans

      • start with LHCb
        • already using HTTP transfer + xroot check on tape
      • move other experiments to TAPE REST next week
        • make CTA ready for TAPE REST transfers
          • Julien is in touch with ATLAS DDM Ops team
          • it is up to experiment to decide when they move to TAPE REST
          • ATLAS plans to move soon
        • glitch in check-on-tape found in Rucio/FTS (needs to be resolved for CMS)
      • DAQ stays with xroot

      Tape Archive Metadata (tape collocation and scheduling hints)

      • Tape REST API & Tape Archive Metadata to be managed in Github repo. 
        • This will host documents (e.g.: PDF), documentation with important links, contact address and issues
        • Issues will be used as discussion and dissemination place
        • Best candidate: https://github.com/wlcg-storage
      • Tape REST API & Tape Archive Metadata will be documented in different PDFs
        • A mention/reference from one PDF to the other will be added
      • Discussed within group of FTS & CTA & dCache developers
        • work in progress - trying to understand experiment requirements and use-cases
          • define dataset collocation
          • needs to demonstrate that T1 gets sufficient metadata to profit from this project (FZK tests)
        • StoRM - currently no need for this interface
          • would like to see what is in standard
          • github page will be used to come with standard
        • in future there will be plugin interface for Rucio to provide these metadata

      Tape transfers with token

      • storage.stage scope not yet implemented
        • definition: Read the data, potentially causing data to be staged from a nearline resource to an online resource. This is a superset of storage.read.
        • needs to be discussed in more details
        •  implement as storage.read with permission to "bringonline" / use storage TAPE REST API
    • 5:00 PM 5:05 PM
      Transfers with tokens 5m
      Speaker: Francesco Giacomini (INFN CNAF)

      ATLAS scope policies for transfer tests

      • created new IAM optional groups
        • /atlas/policy - not used, just mandatory parent group
        • /atlas/policy/storage-test - for ATLAS SAM probes and SE tests
        • /atlas/policy/compute-test - for ATLAS SAM probes and SE tests
        • /atlas/policy/compute-pilot - for normal grid job submission (Harvester, aCT)
      •  new groups to avoid too generic "production" group that's now used everywhere
      • "internal" to the IAM (optional groups) that'll be used only for scope/token exchange policies
      • storage policies
        • everything DENY by default
        • storage-test
          • allowed to get storage.read, storage.create, storage.modify
          • only for paths /atlasdatadisk/SAM/ and /atlasscratchdisk/SAM/
      • ask P.V. (or VO-Admin) if you would like to get these test storage tokens
        • read/write/delete in test area of any storage configured to accept ATLAS tokens

      CMS SAM tests for transfers with tokens

    • 5:05 PM 5:15 PM
      Packet marking 10m
      Speakers: Marian Babik (CERN), Shawn Mc Kee (University of Michigan (US))
    • 5:15 PM 5:25 PM
      WebDAV Error Message Improvement Project 10m

      Discuss with experts improvements in the error messages produced by failed transfers.

      Speaker: Stephan Lammel (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))


    • 5:25 PM 5:30 PM
      AOB 5m