QTI Lectures

IBM Quantum Platforms: A Quantum Battery Perspective

by Giulia Gemme (Università di Genova, Italy)

Online (CERN)




In the last few years, the progressive miniaturization of devices has approached the size of atoms and molecules. The study of these quantum systems out of equilibrium contributed to the advancement of quantum thermodynamics. In particular, the study of quantum batteries, small quantum mechanical systems able to temporarily store energy and further release it on-demand, recently emerged as a fast-growing subject in this context.

In this framework we have characterized for the first time the performances of IBM quantum chips as quantum batteries. By exploiting the Pulse access enabled to some of the IBM quantum processors via the Qiskit package, we have investigated the advantages and limitations of different profiles for classical drives used to charge these miniaturized batteries, establishing the optimal compromise between charging time and stored energy.

Motivated by some recent experimental observations, we have investigated the possibility to realize charging protocols addressing two excited states of a superconducting qubit in the trasmon regime, namely realizing a qutrit quantum battery. This extension allows to store a greater amount of energy in the system and opens the door to a richer variety of charging protocols. We have compared some of them both analytically and through tests on IBM quantum chips in order to characterize their advantages and limitations.


About the speaker

Giulia Gemme is a PhD student in theoretical condensed matter at University of Genova. She is working in the field of quantum thermodynamics, focusing her study on quantum batteries, namely miniaturized devices exploiting non-classical features to efficiently store, transfer and release energy on-demand.



Michele Grossi, Dario Ferraro, Sofia Vallecorsa and Maura Sassetti.

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