ROOT Team Meeting

32/1-A24 (CERN)



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Axel Naumann (CERN), Lorenzo Moneta (CERN)

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ROOT Team Meeting
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Axel Naumann
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Lorenzo Moneta, Jakob Blomer, Stefan Wunsch, Vincenzo Eduardo Padulano, Bertrand Bellenot, Enrico Guiraud, Enric Tejedor Saavedra
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Jakob: another machine to work together with `ntpl-perf01`. Looking for different options for the CPU (whether to go for AMD w/ hundreds MB cache or Intel w/ on-chip accelerators).

Axel: trying to get a big-endian machine. Also getting an intern to setup the 32-bit CI machines.

Shift handover

Olvier handing over to Javier. Forum was quite active but apart from that nothing special.

Meeting Summaries and Plans

I/O: quick round table; perhaps worth mentioning that Jim is looking for contributions for

Roofit/TMVA: meeting on Tuesday; short meeting and quick round table. For TMVA we didn't have a meeting. A fellow might be incorportating soon (coming from ATLAS).

LIM: we had a meeting on Monday's afternoon. Nothing important to share.

Axel: Lossy compression library (Accelogic) going to be released as pseudo-Open-Source to CERN.


- ROOT Swag
Jakob: maybe we could make it more exclusive, as in if you contribute something to ROOT you get a swag.
Axel: if users want to wear something about ROOT, who am I to tell no? But we could make a dev-specific t-shirt.
Vassil: our secretariat at CMS may be able to help us; ordering some items through them shouldn't be a big deal.
Jakob: we can start small and have a few items in the secretariat.
[Florine to setup the poll to vote on options for t-shirts, stickers, etc.]

Round table

Philippe: looking at a problem with typedef resolution in autoloading (affects ATLAS, reported by Marcin).

Vassil: not much to report. Have been debugging the Python interpreter for a couple of days (relates to something on cppyy).

Baidyanath: working on the same thing; some PRs to fix some of the issues.

Javier: off Monday and Tuesday. Fixed an issue that appeared after introducing the improments over the collection proxy support in RNTuple. Second part of late schema extension is mostly ready. Slides for the Openlab technical workshop. Summer student selection to work in RNTuple "Evil Storage" layer.

Garima: fixed a small issue. Also working on clad, I made some progress although far from perfect. This week going back to RooFit and finalizing ACAT proceedings.


Florine: came up with a design to make `root-readspeed` work with RNTuple. Working in adding some features in the RNTupleImporter.

Dante: mostly working on the RNTuple parameter optimization work (for CHEP). Aside from that, I read some papers about some things that might be problematic there. Regarding the batch generator, Python bindings do not work yet.

Bertrand: busy with new CI (Windows takes 5h!). Worked on some issue regarding canvas.


JonasH: (...) taking a look at the failing cling tests. Opened the corresponding GH issues.

JonasR: spent some time in the Summer Student selection. Also with GSoC students. Worked a bit in the proceedings for ACAT.
Have some work to catch up with the forum and JIRA.

Lorenzo: not much to report from last week. For this week: some work to do with Sanjiban regarding GNN. Starting to look at stuff for CHEP. Also need to take select a SUMM.

Axel: CERN stuff that is not that interesting. Getting the CI in an state that Ole can hand it in to us.
This week we will have the finance people over. Openlab workshop also.



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    • 4:00 PM 4:01 PM
      Find notetaker 1m
    • 4:01 PM 4:05 PM
      News 4m
    • 4:05 PM 4:10 PM
      Shift handover 5m
    • 4:10 PM 4:20 PM
      Meeting Summaries and Plans 10m
      • I/O
      • TMVA
      • RooFit
      • Planning / Godparents /...
      • LIM
    • 4:20 PM 4:40 PM
      Topics 20m
      • ROOT swag [Florine]
      Speaker: Florine de Geus (University of Amsterdam (NL))
    • 4:40 PM 5:00 PM
      Issues 20m

      Review of last week's open items

    • 5:00 PM 5:25 PM
      Round Table 25m
    • 5:25 PM 5:30 PM
      A.O.B. 5m