Ramblings on superconducting magnet cooling for accelerators



Carlo Petrone (CERN)
TE-MSC Seminar
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Carlo Petrone
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Sonja Sandell, Franco Mangiarotti
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    • 10:30 AM 12:00 PM
      Ramblings on superconducting magnet cooling for accelerators 1h 30m

      For one-of-a-kind superconducting-, or small numbers of, superconducting-magnets one usually can afford to be more relaxed on energy consumption and cryogen consumables than for the magnets making up the core of a multi-km long particle accelerator. From the point of view of thermal design conceptions of accelerator magnets, I'll address the energetic notions that come into play when having to decide for a new project. The experience gained with the present LHC design will be addressed together with some of the drawbacks that emerged. I'll conclude with the, in my personal opinion, consequent thermal design directions that ought to be taken for new accelerator projects which enhance sustainability and lighten the dependence on cryogen resources.

      Speaker: Rob Van Weelderen (CERN)