DD4hep Developers Meeting



Andre Sailer (CERN), Markus Frank (CERN)

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DD4hep Developers Meeting
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Andre Sailer
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Present: S.Banerjee, M.Frank, F.Gaede, T.Madlehner, A.Sailer

1) Pending problems


1) Issue 970:  Support for digitization in ddsim: on hold
2) Issue 1034: DD4hep and Opticks (Sarah)
3) PR 1074. Added several options to ddsim. Fixed OpticalTracker example from C.Dilks.
4) Issue 1072: Enhancement request: Allow etaMin, etaMax bounds in
              Geant4IsotropeGenerator and DDSim/Helper/Gun.py enhancement.
       (Partially implemented in PR 1075)


2)    Closed issues and fixed problems
1) Issue 1014: Issue using optical surfaces
          ===> Related: Issue 1027 (Program never stops)
   Problem related to Geant4 parametrization. No dd4hep issue.
2) Issue 1064: How to define a limitset applicable to the whole world?
          ===> Implemented by PR1071
3) Issue 1076: Cannot change material for CAD_MultiVolume Waiting for caller
          ===> Misunderstanding of plugin usage
4) PR 1079: Optimize sensitive detector callbacks in DDG4, Remove deprecated DetElement factories
          ===> Remove computations in DDG4 sensitive detectors carries out twice.
          ===> Remove DDDetectors factory entries not starting with "DD4hep_" to define the
                    local dd4hep namespace.
5) PR 1081 Allow users to add track user information to G4 tracks.
          Interface Geant4 G4VUserTrackInformation entities.
   DDG4 supplementary information is stored in the ROOT output.
   Can be filled by users e.g. in the sensitve detector callbacks or
   in a subclass of the tracking action/
   Other I/O schemata do not support such extras.
   Extended example: examples/DDG4_MySensDet
6) PR 1080, Issue 1073, Fix bug in B field component access after a space transformation of multipole fields.
          The field of a query was not properly transformed in the event
   of a magnetic multipole being moved.
7) PR1069, PR1070  added missing pieces to the PR1068 (Optical tracker)

3) Round table
 Markus:        NTR.
 Frank:           Continued to run machine learning models in DDSim
 Thomas:       NTR. Tries to run simulation with GDML.
 Andre:          NTR.
 Sunanda:     NTR. Still validating phase 2 detectors.


4) AOB

Next meeting:  20.April 2023

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      Around the table 20m