MusiClub Hardronic GetTogether




Present were representatives of the following 15 bands:

  • Miss Proper and the Moving Targets
  • Cover Ops
  • The Canettes Blues Band
  • Jo & the Fuzzy Blue
  • The Monks of Gold
  • Diracula
  • Danegeld
  • Mëtal Jüstice
  • A Blast from the Past
  • Skina and the Trailers
  • Old Git Young Blood
  • Nameless


  1. Praise Tom for organizing last year’s Hardronic
  2. Simon volunteered and got chosen as the primary coordinator of the 2023 Hardronic Festival
  3. Three other coordinators are Greg, Tom, and Daniel
  4. The date of the festival: 8.07 got selected.
  5. The number of stages: 1 or 2, to be discussed.
  6. The budget: details will follow.
  7. Simon created a list with contacts of the people involved in the organization of the Hardronic.

Meeting of the four main coordinators is next week on Tuesday (4.04) at 12:15 in R1.

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