Rucio Meeting

Martin Barisits (CERN)
Rucio Development Meeting
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Martin Barisits
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Mario Lassnig, Cedric Serfon, Dimitrios Christidis
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    • 3:00 PM 3:05 PM
      News 5m
      • 1:1 Ticket review
        • Component leads: please pick a time slot (refer to email from Martin).
      • Reminder: May 4 
        • Python 3.6 deprecation meeting
    • 3:05 PM 3:25 PM
      Community News & DevOps roundtable 20m
      • ATLAS
        • Expired CERN CA bundle affecting some clients (e.g. Tier-0), depending on the configuration.
          • Also affected some FTS servers.
        • Reuseability of deleted DIDs:
          • DIDs are ‘soft’ deleted: moved from the dids table to deleted_dids.
          • They should not be useable again; it is so in ATLAS, but it is implemented as a database trigger.
          • Other communities? To re-discuss with Martin.
      • CMS
        • Also affected by expired CERN CA.
          • Robot certificate had been signed by the expired certificate.
        • Follow-up on Kronos issue:
          • Not yet upgraded to latest release which should include a fix.
          • Turned off resubmission on unconsumed messages.
      • Fermilab / DUNE / ICARUS / RUBIN
        • Fermilab: business as usual
        • RUBIN: potential need for custom policy package
          • Need for slashes in the DID names.
        • DUNE:
          • Combinations of multiple software on CVMFS → Rucio’s calls to GFAL fail.
      • BELLE II
        • Testing release 1.31.0
      • SKAO
        • NTR
      • RAL/Multi-VO
        • NTR
    • 3:25 PM 3:55 PM
      Developers roundtable 30m
      • 32 "The Good, The Bad and the Donkey" Priority followup
        • In Progress
          • Replace all instances of X509 identities presented in the legacy format #6182 [Dimitrios]
          • Migrate DID and DID-metadata view to clean architecture #w/160 [Mayank, Anton]
          • Migrate List My Rules and Rule View to clean architecture #w/159 [Mayank, Anton]
          • Create Pages for Create Rule Workflow #w/144 [Anton]
        • In Review
          • Unable to Delete File DID via Undertaker #5154 [Anton]
        • Todo
          • Design and implement a token request module #6187 [Dimitrios]
          • Incorporate IAM-based testing for token workflows #6188 [Dimitrios]
          • Design and implement a token cache module #6183 [Dimitrios]
          • Adapt probes to rucio/rucio#5804 #p/108 [Eric]
          • Kick off SIG-Tokens [Martin]
          • Document and cleanup discrepancies between surl and lfn2pfn algorithms #5129 [Martin]
          • Reduce core tickets <15 [Martin, Mario]
          • foreign key error on deleting dids in reaper #5733 [Martin]
          • Create a server/daemon installation howto #d/178 [Mayank]
          • Create developers testing guide in the documentation #d/177 [Mayank]
          • Support OIDC login #w/149 [Mayank]
          • Migrate Dashboard to Clean Architecture #w/158 [Mayank, Anton]
          • Exchange of function-based indices with normal index #6143 [Radu]
          • Internal transfer monitoring #6189 [Radu]
          • New dispatcher logic for conveyors #6190 [Radu]
          • Update/Re-design core.meta module #5224 [Rob]
        • Done
        • Delayed
      • Documentation corner
        • Document environmental variables affecting the client #171 [Dimitrios]
        • Documentation and dev guidelines for MyPi type annotations #116 [Mayank, Martin]
        • Create developers testing guide in the documentation #177 [Mayank]
        • Create a server/daemon installation howto #178 [Mayank]
          • Ubuntu-specific PR #215
        • Improve documentation on rucio.cfg vs configuration table #183 [Radu]
        • Add an FAQ-style entry aimed at users for STUCK rules #184 [Fabio]
        • Add instruction about DB partitioning #185 [Martin]
        • bridge the gap between running rucio in demo env and full production deployment #187 [Radu]
        • Introduce documentation on subscriptions #190 [Cedric]
        • improve documentation about --distance and --ranking and source ranking #199 [Radu]
      • Other topics
    • 3:55 PM 4:00 PM
      AOB 5m