NA64 seminar

Paolo Crivelli (ETH Zurich (CH))

Semi-Visible Dark Photons

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Anton Karneyeu
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    • 3:00 PM 4:00 PM
      Semi-Visible Dark Photons 1h

      Abstract: In this talk, I will discuss lamppost models where MeV to few GeV dark photons (A') couple to a dark sector with multiple generations of fermions with dark matter candidates or heavy neutral leptons. I will focus on the semi-visible signatures of A' (charged particles + missing energy) at fixed targets like NA64, e+e- colliders, and neutrino detectors. In addition to finding models that can still account for the discrepancy in the muon g-2, I will also discuss connections to neutrino masses and opportunities for future searches.

      Speaker: Matheus Hostert (Perimeter Institute)