LHC Seminar

First results with charmless two-body B-decays at LHCb, and future prospects

by Vincenzo Vagnoni (INFN Bologna)

503-1-001 - Council Chamber (CERN)

503-1-001 - Council Chamber


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LHCb is an experiment which is designed to perform flavour physics measurements at the LHC. Charged two-body charmless B decays (e.g. B^0 -> Kpi, pipi, B_s->KK, etc) receive significant contributions from loop diagrams and are thus sensitive probes of New Physics. Study of these modes is therefore an important physics goal of LHCb. First results will be presented, using around 37 pb^{-1} of data collected at \sqrt{s}=7 TeV in 2010. These results illustrate the power of the LHCb trigger system and particle identification capabilities of the RICH detectors in isolating clean samples of each final state, and include preliminary measurements of direct CP-violation in certain key modes. The prospects for these measurements in the coming run will be presented. A brief survey will also be given of results and prospect in other areas of the LHCb physics programme.
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M. Mangano, M. Spiropulu, G. Unal......................... Tea and Coffee will be served at 10h30

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