High Energy Physics Seminar

Room: B2.38 (Wydział Fizyki UW)

Room: B2.38

Wydział Fizyki UW

Pasteura 5
Aleksander Żarnecki (University of Warsaw (PL)), Jan Królikowski (IFD UW), Katarzyna Grzelak (IFD UW)
    • 10:15 AM 11:45 AM
      Gravitational wave astrophysics at the beginning of O4 1h 30m


      The O4 observational run is starting now. I will review the current detections
      and their significance for astronomy and fundamental physics. As the bulk of
      detections are binary black holes I will describe the currently considered
      models of their formation and compare the predictions of these models with the
      data. Finally I will talk about hopes for the O4 run.

      Serdecznie zapraszamy

      dr hab. Katarzyna Grzelak
      prof. dr hab. Aleksander Filip Żarnecki

      Speaker: Prof. dr hab. Tomasz Bulik (OA UW)