MICO meeting



Chilton Didcot
Dear All,
I’m circulating you as I’ve identified you as owners of the various MICE subsystems (list attached) that we need to progress more regularly in the run–up to building Step IV.
I will be re-formatting the MICO meeting as a venue to monitor the progress and milestones and want to get into the habit of receiving from you every Thursday please ( I will send a reminder) a couple of paragraphs or one slide about your work package’s progress, particularly any explicit milestones that you have.
I want to try and start this process today, for next Monday’s (Feb 7th) MICO meeting at 16:30 GMT – details as usual web-page.
We need to work on generating some more meaningful milestone tables, but I can help you with that, maybe making a start at CM29.
Am receptive to comments and suggestions of course.
Thanks for your help,


The agenda of this meeting is empty