Endorsement of 'Environmental sustainability in basic research: a perspective from HECAP+'


This page was created to register endorsers for the reflection document 'Environmental sustainability in basic research: a perspective from HECAP+'.  


The climate crisis and the degradation of the world’s ecosystems require humanity to take immediate action. The international scientific community has a responsibility to limit the negative environmental impacts of basic research. The HECAP+ communities (High Energy Physics, Cosmology, Astroparticle Physics, and Hadron and Nuclear Physics) make use of common and similar experimental infrastructure, such as accelerators, and rely similarly on the processing of big data. Our communities therefore face similar challenges to improving the sustainability of our research. This document aims to reflect on the environmental impacts of our work practices and research infrastructure, to highlight best practice, to make recommendations for  positive changes, and to identify the opportunities and challenges that such  changes present for wider aspects of social responsibility.

Version 2.0 of this document can be found at the Sustainable HECAP+ website: https://sustainable-hecap-plus.github.io.

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