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CERN Colloquium

Special Colloquium : Looking at High Energy Physics from a gender studies perspective

by Helene Goetschel (Dr. Phil., Visiting Researcher at Uppsala University)

Council Chamber : Please note the unusual date (CERN)

Council Chamber : Please note the unusual date


Human actors, workplace cultures and knowledge production: Gender studies analyse the social constructions and cultural representations of gender. Using methods and tools from the humanities and social science, we look at all areas, including the natural sciences and technology, science education and research labs. After a short introduction to gender studies, the main focus of my talk will be the presentation of selected research findings on gender and high energy physics. You will hear about an ongoing research project on women in neutrino physics and learn about a study on the world of high energy physicists characterised by "rites of passage" and "male tales" told during a life in physics. I will also present a study on how the HEP community communicates, and research findings on the naming culture in HEP. Getting to know findings from another field on your own might contribute to create a high energy physics culture that is fair and welcoming to all genders.
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Ignatios ANTONIADIS (PH-TH) & Pauline GAGNON (PH-UAT)........................................Tea & coffee will be served at 16:00