WG2: CP violation in ttH interactions



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Activity 1


Including interference in the multivariate analysis, which only includes pure CP-odd vs. CP-even so far.

We need some participation from experimentalists! Follow up with Haichen for possible experimental involvement




Sample generation:

  • Large sample of ttH events with modified yukawas
  • Use reweighting to parametrise coupling dependence?

Activity 2

More global analyses including, e.g., gg -> H(+nj), to analyse complementarity and overlaps between CPV and CPC effects

See CMS study: 





  • Mini CPV fit: combining e.g. ggH and ttH with ( k_t, \tilde{k}_t, c_g & \tilde{c}_g )
  • First approximation, VBF is SM-like
  • Medium term: include the dipole
  • Dipole: g t tbar & g t tbar h (old pheno study for dipole https://arxiv.org/pdf/1412.6654.pdf). Are there exp studies on this?
  • Higgs CP at ATLAS+CMS https://indico.cern.ch/event/1184945/contributions/5408275/
  • Also some studies using 4tops seem to exist, need to look for them
  • Maybe just use STXS + some CP-sensitive binnings for ggF
  • What to use for ttH?
  • What about tH


Read exp literature to see what it has actually been done and what's still uncovered or can be improved

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    • 3:00 PM 3:20 PM
      CPV in ttH, introduction 20m
      Speakers: Dorival Gonçalves (Oklahoma State University), Henning Bahl, Henning Bahl