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CERN Academic Training on hadron therapy - Robust treatment planning and plan verification strategies in scanning ion beam therapy (2/5)

by Giuseppe Magro (CNAO, Pavia)





One of the main objectives in radiotherapy is the conformal delivery of the prescribed dose to the tumour, meaning that cancer tissue should be irradiated whereas the surrounding healthy tissue should be spared as much as possible. Fully exploiting the advantages of ion therapy requires appropriate treatment planning, which takes into account the specificities of ion beams. This lecture will focus on the strategies for robust treatment planning and plan verification.

Bio Giuseppe Magro:

Giuseppe Magro got his Bachelor Degree in Physics and afterwards the Master Degree in Nuclear Physics at the University of Trieste. He was then enrolled to the PhD program that emerged as a collaboration between the University of Pavia and the National Center for Oncological Hadrontehrapy (CNAO) and graduated in 2015 with a thesis on Eye Cancer Treatment with Active Scanning Beams. He started his career as a researcher at the CNAO Foundation and later got the title of Medical Physics Expert in 2019. He is currently employed as a Medical Physicist specialized in Monte Carlo simulations, verification and quality assurance of particle beams, characterization of treatment planning systems and radiobiological research topics. Moreover, he has contributed to the publication of more than 70 scientific papers.


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