WLCG AuthZ Call


Previous Actions:

  • Action, Maarten: Start a VO information in token (for accounting purposes) discussion on the Mailing list late August to revisit and converge on a plan once summer holidays are more likely to be over
    • No need to follow up yet - just for tracking
  • Action, Mischa: Mischa to look to setup a "neutral" mailing list to facilitate cross-community discussions around unified token profile
    • Completed - email inviting WLCG AuthZ to register has been sent

Proposed agenda:

  • TBC


Zoom meeting:

Link below, in the videoconference section. Please ensure you are signed in to Indico to see the meeting password!

Next Meeting: 

  • January 11th
WLCG AuthZ Call
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Tom Dack
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Maarten Litmaath, Hannah Short
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